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Period Tracker
Period Tracker is the most elegant period tracking app and health journal! The neat interface make period tracking a pleasant experience. Record daily moods and health symptoms and view the data in clean looking graphs in a theme you like. See how your health symptoms and mood change through your cycle and take better care of yourself.
  • Pleasant interface for health journaling
  • Wealthy selection of health symptoms and moods
  • Beautiful themes and fonts to choose from
  • Period and Fertility log for past and predicted periods and fertile days
  • Reminders for the next upcoming period and fertile period
  • Quick way to capture the weather and a photo of the day
  • Daily body weight and temperature recording
  • Medication tracking
Homework - Student Planner
A college student's schedule is hectic, being organized is the key to success. Homework - Student Planner puts a student's classes, schedule and todos in one central place so you are always on top of your assignments, class notes and appointments with your TA or professor. Ace all schoolwork with Homework - Student Planner app!
  • Clean view of today's schedule
  • Overview of a week's schedule
  • Record class notes in multiple formats - text, audio, photo and video
  • Reminders for ToDos
  • ToDos are prioritized by due dates and importance
  • Quick access to class website, professors' and TAs' email and phone numbers
  • View latest class notes, upcoming ToDos and tests at one glance
  • One central hub to store info for classes, schedule and todos
Countdown apps

Countdown Apps

Let each moment in life be filled with anticipation.
Each second is exciting.
Count down to your next vacation, children's graduation or your retirement!
Birthday Countdown !!
Birthday Countdown
A year wiser
How many days are there till the celebration of the gained wisdom?
Christmas Countdown
Christmas Countdown
Count down to the most wonderful time of the year!
New Year Countdown
New Year Countdown
How many minutes till you'll carry out a new set of resolutions?

Baby apps

Baby Apps

manage your little one's (or ones'!) growth.
Baby Nursing / Breast Feeding
Baby Nursing / Breast Feeding
This baby nursing app that moms love now includes medicine tracking, doctor visits tracking, vaccination tracking and bath time tracking!
Baby Countdown
Baby Countdown
Welcoming the bundle of joy.
How much more time is there to decorate the little one’s room and to throw the baby shower? Find out with this app!
Baby Gender
Baby Gender
Boy or girl?
Based on the Ancient Chinese Baby Calendar, Baby gender is a fun app to help you predict your baby's gender! It could also help you plan when to conceive to get the gender you want!
Wedding Apps

Wedding Apps

Plan and share your exciting moments.
Wedding Countdown
Wedding Countdown
Each sweet moment counts.
Counting down to your big day in Months, Days, Hours, Minutes, Seconds, Heartbeats or Kisses! Share the excitement with your friends by email or Facebook.
Wedding To-Do
Wedding To-Do
A personal planner, 24/7.
This personal wedding planner is there whenever you need it. It keeps you on track for things to do and people to contact. Make the planning enjoyable.
Wedding Budget
Wedding Budget
Know where the money has gone.
It's super easy to plan your budget and track the expense now. Our graphical interface gives you a view of your budget allocation and spending at a glance!

Productivity Apps

Usefulness at your fingertips.
Period Tracker
Period Tracker
An elegant health journal
A modern way to track menstruation periods. A diary for moods, symptoms and even weather for a lady to learn how she correlates to her cycles.
Homework - Student Planner
Homework -
Student Planner
Organizing schoolwork, staying on top of class schedule.
The perfect schoolwork planner for college students! View class schedule, take class notes, plan meetings and track assignments with this nifty app!
Tip Calculator!
Tip Calculator
The math is done.
Not sure if you're tipping too much or too little? Let us do the match for you! No fuzz!