Period Tracker – “nothing negative about this app”

Our Period Tracker app has been gaining a lot of popularity positive feedback! We are grateful that everyone is raving about how elegant and discrete the app is, Period Tracker

The latest update of this app – version 1.1.0, is packed with over 60 different mood icons, over 50 symptom icons, 9 themes with 5 different backgrounds each, our Period Tracker is guaranteed to provide you with the most personalized health journal experience. Change the theme and icons according to your mood of the day or of the moment, and record all health symptoms and moods that define you for the day. You can also attach a song to the app!

This app provides an interface that’s sleek, simple and discrete, and it also safeguards your privacy by offering a passcode option.

Read the review here and see why there’s “nothing negative about this app”!

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