Period Tracker – “nothing negative about this app”

Our Period Tracker app has been gaining a lot of popularity positive feedback! We are grateful that everyone is raving about how elegant and discrete the app is, Period Tracker

The latest update of this app – version 1.1.0, is packed with over 60 different mood icons, over 50 symptom icons, 9 themes with 5 different backgrounds each, our Period Tracker is guaranteed to provide you with the most personalized health journal experience. Change the theme and icons according to your mood of the day or of the moment, and record all health symptoms and moods that define you for the day. You can also attach a song to the app!

This app provides an interface that’s sleek, simple and discrete, and it also safeguards your privacy by offering a passcode option.

Read the review here and see why there’s “nothing negative about this app”!

Download Period Track for free today!


Countdown App updated – photo frames and filters!

Countdown mobile appOur popular Countdown app got a makeover! Not only does it get a new icon, now you get to edit the photos with filters and frames. Dress up your photos and share your countdown with the new sharing interface so your friends and families can keep up with your events!

Download Countdown 4.0.0 and enjoy these new updates! Please let us know what you like the Countdown 4.0.0 so we can know better how to make the app more user-friendly.


Period Tracker! (new app)

Period Tracker appPeriod Tracker! app is now available on the App Store! This is the most elegant health journal and the cleanest and most pleasant method for period tracking.

Many of us neglect to pay attention to our daily health symptoms. Period Tracker! app provides a neat and clean interface for daily health symptoms and moods tracking, and you can track things such as body weight, body temperature, medication, and even the weather so you can correlate all things happening to your body with the weather! Take a daily snapshot to remember the days by, or even, take a snapshot of yourself daily and see how your skin changes during your cycle.

Period Tracker - calendar view The calendar view provides a clean overview on how symptoms and moods have been changing throughout the months and days, as well as predicted menstruation and fertile days. The continuous scrolling design of the calendar offers a uninterrupted view of the months and days, which are greatly helpful when one’s cycle fall across 2 months.

Period Tracker! mobile appThe Period Log lists out the prediction of upcoming period and fertile days, this information is perfect for planning dates and vacation around those days. Avoid unnecessary surprises!

Another great feature of this app is graphs – turn the device sideways to see data plotted out on easy-to-read graphs and get a visual sense of how things are trending.

Download this clean looking app that employs the latest design trends and track period and health symptoms the trendy way.