Period Tracker

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An elegant health journal
Period Tracker app makes period tracking a pleasant experience.
Keep track of your health symptoms and moods the graceful way.
Track, Manage, Know

Track your period, fertility, moods and health symptoms the pleasant way. Learn about your cycles and see the predicted periods to avoid unpleasant surprises and plan around fertile days better! Track health entries such as weight and body temperature to know yourself better. See predictions of upcoming periods and avoid unpleasant surprises and plan your dates better.
available on App Store
A personal diary
The app provides an inviting interface for you to journal down daily feelings and thoughts along with moods and health symptoms. Capture a moment of the day with a picture, record the weather of the day and see how it affects your well-being, connect this journaling experience with your everyday life. Drag the modules around to re-arrange them in the order that fits your need most. The modern design makes tracking a lady's health symptoms a well-rounded experience.
Charts & Graphs
View clear charts and graphs of all moods, health symptoms, body temperatures and weights and see your trend. Learn about yourself and adjust your activities throughout your cycles to get through those special days.
Customize with your personality
Each of us is unique, so celebrate your characters with the theme and font style that shows off your personality! Choose from the closet of colorful themes and fonts, you can even pick a different outfit for the app every day!

Download Period Tracker today and take better care of yourself.

Know yourself more, love yourself more.

available on App Store